Cerro del Aguila, Peru

Cablecrane - Cerro del Aguila, Peru

The cablecrane is in operation for the construction of Cerro del Aguila dam in Peru. The construction company identified the use of a cablecrane as the most effective way to build the dam due to the difficult access to the site and selected Agudio for the superior performances of its cablecranes.

Company: Astaldi S.p.A. – Graña y Montero - Location: Cerro del Aguila dam site (Districto de Colcabamba) - Country: Peru - Year: 2014 - Type of ropeway: Cablecrane

Capacity ton28
Span in m 415
Translation speed in m/s7
Hoisting speed in m/s2,5
Vertical hook rise in m220

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