Daivoes, Portugal

Cablecrane - Daivoes, Portugal

Ferrovial / MSF Barragens, ACE appointed Agudio for the complete refurbishment, installation and commissioning of two radial cablecranes, trusting in the reliability and performances of Agudio equipment.

The cablecranes are in operation for the construction of the 77m high and 264m long Daivoes dam, one of the dams part of the Támega river hydroelectric project, in the North of Portugal.

Company: Ferrovial / MSF Barragens, ACE - Location: Daivoes - Country: Portugal - Year: 2018 - Type of Ropeway: Cablecrane

Capacity ton/h2x28
Span in m385
Translation speed in m/s7
Hoisting speed in m/s2,5
Vertical hook rise160

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