Yusufeli, Turkey

Cablecrane - Yusufeli, Turkey

Limak Construction has placed its trust in AGUDIO technology for moving the site machinery and pouring 3,000,000 cubic meters of concrete – testament to AGUDIO’s leading position in the sector.

AGUDIO’s cable cranes are currently unparalleled in their performance and reliability, offering 28 metric tons of capacity (or 48 metric tons running two machines in parallel) and, above all, a 300-meter vertical rise.

Company: Limak Construction Inc. - Location: Artvin - Country: Turkey - Year: 2015 - Type of ropeway: Cablecrane

Capacity ton 3x28
Span in m 559
Translation speed in m/s6
Hoisting speed in m/s3
Vertical hook rise in m300

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